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Promods x TruckersMP?


Do you want Promods to come TruckersMP? Yes or No?  

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  1. 1. Do you want Promods to come TruckersMP? Yes or No?

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Hello there my fellow truckers!


I have a little question/discussion for you all. This question may be a but dumb but it is still fun to think about. Will we ever get a special server that will be compatible with the Promods Map and other popular map mods? Let me go into a bit more detail:


The default map of ETS2 is still quite large and fun to explore. However, it may get a bit boring after a while. If there were a special server dedicated to being compatible with the Promods Map (maybe EU4 or EU1's replacement) would this even be possible? I think it would be great fun to explore the ProMods map with other truckers. Promods is just a massive expansion to Europe, and would be a fun time to explore with other truckers. Maybe even do a convoy with on Promods map would be epic! I know this might be hard to do but would this be a possibility? Let me know what you all think of this.

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Dear @Mayukh


Your topic is very good and may you should create a suggestion about connect ProMods with TruckersMP?

I would like to see ProMods connected with TruckersMP. It's good idea, but for better PCs. Older PCs will have problems.

Perhaps it's hard to connect those both things, but you can suggest it.


You can create a suggestion here, keep mind, your topic need to follow suggestion format.


Kind Regards


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I am well aware on how Promods requires a good pc, in fact my pc itself is garbage. Intel I3 with no fancy graphics cards or monitors or anything at all. My i3 is pretty bad, it runs good on Promods though, sometimes with higher traffic density it will start to lag me up. And my TMP runs well when im on my own, but goes to 1 fps with 80 players in the area. So Promods + TruckersMP does not seem like a smart idea but it the two together sound like good fun,

and also @JJay I am brand new to TMP forums and i have absolutely no idea how to create a suggestion lol. I will try though


Thank you guys for responding so early wasn't expecting that.

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1 hour ago, ʊ̯Gonzálezʊ̯ said:

Não é má idéia poderia ter apenas servidores separados, neste caso, um com o mapa original só que as pessoas com menor pc especificação pode desfrutar tmp eo outro servidor com mapa original + promods que o desempenho caminho não vai ser um confronto entre os usuários low-end PC e high end usuários de pc : mlg_doge: 


Yeah, that's a great idea.
I agree.
  Actually I believe the correct thing is to expand.
You should have MAP PRO MODS. They, in fact, if they were a game developer, would be ahead of SCSsoftware. Your map is now 2.5 scale.

That's even a BIG MAP, found it very 1.34 or even 1.35 soon!

Now imagine what 2.5 is! I have some criticism of the map. Basically did not work well to Scandinavia, and did not make road SAINT PETERSBURG - MURMANSK. It is large, but leaves a lot to be desired in terms of Scandinavia.
It should have MAPA EEAA, has Brazil, well worked only Brazil, has 500 cities of 5,000 that we own. In addition to the other countries in the same pattern of cities, in other versions. It's in version 5.0.9!



  You already see on the internet maps of Indonesia, China, Turkey, Iran also exist.

  GOOD options to improve server content.

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6 hours ago, Mayukh said:

Maybe even do a convoy with on Promods map would be epic! I know this might be hard to do but would this be a possibility? Let me know what you all think of this.

In my opinion, this will not happen quickly.


Look current position of TruckersMP:tmp: regarding mod (including map mod):


Add mod *:
Generally, we don't add 3rd party mods except for aesthetic ones, this is because map mods bring a whole lot of different issues that we necessarily can't handle. Mods that affect the truck are also generally not accepted since they can have unexpected consequences similar to what we see with save file editing (parts in locations where SCS didn't intend causing crashes, etc.).


Modifications generally slow down the process of updating the TruckersMP Client to latest SCS Game version after an update. Whenever there is an update to the game, the mod most likely needs work to be done, which can take some time to port over to new version, this is one of the reasons behind not having mods. 


The major blocker is the distribution of mods, the larger the mod, the harder it is to distribute. P2p would be an "easy" way, though it still requires infrastructure, in distributing the winter mod, we recently had support from 10gbps.io, even then we pinned a 10Gb port for hours on end, imagine that we'd need that kind of beef every time we updated the mod. Even if we'd get the tail to come quicker, the initial seed is necessary. Add to that, you have to provide a backup since many networks disallow p2p traffic.


We could put the mod behind a paywall, but this is something we rather not, we believe that this mod should be freely available to anyone, with the only requirement being a purchase of either ETS2 or ATS.





MarkON (player-Veteran Driver)


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ProMods being added for TruckersMP is indeed a thing that a lot of people would like to see. However, everyone would need to install the ProMods before being able to play in that server and that might cause a lot of issues on TruckersMP's as well as ProMods' side (as the free version of ProMods is limited to 200 kb/s by default, TruckersMP would possibly need to pay in the order to be able to add ProMods to a server which allows thousands of players to join that server same time). It's indeed a thing I'd like to see as well, but a thing that we can't expect to see any time soon due to the big size of that map modification. Adding ProMods for TruckersMP is also a thing that has been suggested multiple times before and every time it got rejected, so I don't really recommend you to try to suggest it again as the suggestion will most likely get rejected once again (and of course, TruckersMP staff is already pretty much aware of people wanting it to be added). 


If there ever was ProMods server on TruckersMP, I really wouldn't like to see it replacing any of the current servers. As I mainly drive 90 km/h myself, it would be really sad to see the only simulation server to be gone from a truck simulation (and pretty sure that removing it is also a thing TruckersMP want to do). EU4, on the other hand, is a good server to have in the order you want to break the rules that are marked with * (as you're allowed to break the rules that are marked with * in EU4). And if the winter mod with the physics modification is ever going to be added again for TruckersMP, I'd be more than just happy to be able to go to test the winter physics with my friends on a server that doesn't have the collision enabled. Anyway, there are a few ways that ProMods can be added for the multiplayer at some point in the far future, but as said, it's indeed something we can't expect to happen any time soon... Until then, we still get new map expansions every and each year so at least we will have an opportunity to discover the new places in multiplayer every year. :)

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Guest Without name

Hello ! 


Your plan is very great , but you should remember , that when would be ProMods in multiplayer , So a big part of players will be have a lots of lags , because there is very difficult textures ^^ 

Of course , Each from us haven't a good PC ;-) 


Otherwise , Good idea !! Maybe in future ? 

We can only waiting ..





TruckersMP Members

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I would love it but the promods map is huge and you will barely find anyone with over 200 cities in the map. It would be good with AI traffic but that is hard for them to sync. +1 but probably won't happen until they get the new game mode with ai traffic set up and even then idk what they will do.

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Guest QF_Giulia

It is nice idea, but I remember ProMods team said, They won´t see their map in TMP ;)


Some people talking about big upload / download data - yeah it is true, but, why can´t it be like Winter Mod? You download it your own and then only activate it in server linked to it. I think it is possible to add Promods, but. BUT. 


You need to know:

  • It isn´t small map - it is biggest map into ETS 2
  • They´re using many textures (100 % chance for lags)
  • The map is not optimalized for weak computers

SCS need better optimalize both games first and then we should talking about some TMP & ProMods.
So for now, it isn´t possible, but we will see in future. ;) 

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One of the main reasons Why this cant be done is because its not made by TMP. The problem with having stuff here that is not made by us is that we cant control it. As we saw with the winter mod, SCS put out a new update and the whole mod broke for a while. Imagine we made a special server only for Promods. Every time Promods or SCS made an update we would have to update the server to the new promods version and everyone else would have to do the same which would mean that TMP and users would have to down load many GB of files. Not only that but every time SCS made an update that broke Promods ,we would have to wait for Promods to update, to work with the new SCS update and then we would all have to redownload promods AGAIN. And if the Promods map have errors, like crashes in specific areas or something, we would have no way of fixing it. And we would probably have a lot of people writing on the forum saying hey the game crashes here and such. And we cant do anything about it. Adding promods to TMP would be a whole big mess. Way too complicated to get done i think :)

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