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FIA ETRC Race Event 2019

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Hello everyone, 


Suggestion Name: FIA ETRC Race Event 2019

Suggestion Description:  A racing event could be organised on one of the servers, where people could sign up to race against one another in their trucks. Obviously this would require great co-ordination from the ADMINS. 


This is what the current calendar looks like; 


Provisional 2019 FIA European Truck Racing Championship Calendar:

  • Misano, Italy – 25/26 May 2019
  • TBA – 11/12 May or 8/9 June 2019
  • Hungaroring, Hungary – 22/23 June 2019
  • Slovakia Ring, Slovakia – 6/7 July 2019
  • Nürburgring, Germany – 20/21 July 2019
  • Most, Czech Republic – 31 Aug/1 Sept 2019
  • Zolder, Belgium – 14/15 Sept 2019
  • Le Mans, France – 28/29 Sept 2019
  • Jarama, Spain – 5/6 Oct 2019


Hence, there could be events near the actual dates in the actual countries (although the city would have to be changed). 



  • Italy, Milan - 26 May
  • Hungary, Budapest - 23 June

           and so on...


Any example images: 

This could be an example of a sprint (from point 1 to 2) and then other races could be circuits around the city.



Why should it be added?:  I think this is one event that could be quite easily assembled, and depending on the interest of the community, it could be quite successful. It would also work well with the current WoT Event.




If there is a similar event please link it in the comments and if such event is not planned then I'd like to hear your opinions!


Thank you,


Michal Stefaniszyn


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