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TFM DJ ccowie

[16th November 2019] - FEED THE NEED V.3

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Attention players.


FEED THE NEED makes a return for part 3.


As we did for the past 2 FEED THE NEED editions, we are yet, again, supporting the No Kid Hungry charity.

The No Kid Hungry Charity raises money to help feed children in need of proper nutritious meals. While many families struggle to provide this to their kid, we can.


With your support, we can raise enough money to help the charity feed more children in desperate need of our help. Support our event by donating as little or as much as you would like through the donation link below. Making time in your schedule to come attend our event is equally appreciated.


Our event will start with a 1 hour-long truck fest followed by 12 hours of convoys, divided into 6 routes with short breaks between every route. Stay for as long or as short as you wish, prizes to be given to those staying the full event.

Our event is estimated to have 150+ attendants due to it's returning reputation. This is the 3rd time we host this event and every year, we raise money to help the children.


This year, our goal is of $75 for the No Kid Hungry Charity. Want to help donate? Read below!


Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2


Server: FEED THE NEED (Private server, will open a few hours before the event)


Date: November 16th 2019 (Saturday)


Time: 8am EST / 1pm GMT (UTC)


Truckfest location (Start Location): Transinet half of Mannheim (We will use the entire half of the city near the carpark)


Public parking: Euro Goodies


VTC Parking: Hotel, Carpark, Transinet, Recruitment Agency (Depends on which VTC, view the parking map)



Route 1: (2pm GMT - 3:30)


Route 2: (4pm GMT - 5:30pm)

Route 3: (6pm GMT - 7:30pm)

Route 4: (8pm GMT - 9:30pm)

Route 5: (10pm GMT - 11:30pm)

Route 6: (12am GMT - 1:30pm GMT)


Prizes to be won: Many game copies, DLC's, awards and so much more.


How to win them?


Unlike many events, we won't say all the reasons we will give awards, if we see something we like during the event, you might just get a free game copy or DLC/Award!


Here are the few we are giving that we would like to share with you:
-Longest stay at the event (Full 13 hours)
-Largest attended VTC


Come join the fun and mark that you will be at the event to show some support.


Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/Eaqcat9


See you on November 16th! Set your schedule. :)

Please hit the "I will be there" button to help us out! https://ets2c.com/view/80514/tfm-dj-ccowie-mannheim-whole-city


FTN Staff,

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