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Welcome! Rolling in the vast TruckersMP, I began to stream, shoot, process. I decided to share with You. I hope You will find it interesting. To begin with, I add a video that also participates in the contest "spring giveaway". Also on this channel you will find my stream, riding in virtuality, and somewhere in reality. 




Добро пожаловать! Катая на просторах TruckersMP, я начал стримить, снимать, обрабатывать. Я решил поделиться с Вами. Я надеюсь, Вам будет это интересно. Для начала, добавляю видео, которое так же участвует в конкурсе "spring giveaway". Так же на этом канале Вы найдете мои стримы, езда в виртуальности, и где то в реальности. 




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Thanks for Heavy Haul Convoy 30th March 2019!!! @Digital , key Convoy Leader @IethaI (if I'm not mistaken) and Event Team! Be cool! The video will be a little later! (sorry my english)

ps: Ah, more opportunities would be in the team, would be able to make more videos and photos.Maybe someday.

@TeamDeer  Thanks for streaming! That's me, the driver that let You into the convoy (id500) when You took Scania. Didn't even see nick, and Your question in the chat, went shot the video off the chat and nicknames. (listening to the stream, tried to translate as best I could, already late was prosmotrel stream and saw Your question) Everything is OK, and respect on the road one of the main.


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