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New Pilot car suggestion

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Suggestion Name:  Pilot car (Range rover or land rover)

Suggestion Description: We could possibly expand the pilot choices, allow a range rover as a pilot car - which would be useful to be noticed and it is good for escorting big trucks! Instead of a small sedan. (A range rover, which can have a yellow lightbar on the top, and a pilot livery)

Any example images:  None

Why should it be added?
I think that it should be added, because it allows users who enjoy to go as a pilot, and help escort big loads, the option to expand their vehicle collection and go with a range rover, aswell as a sedan. It also encourages companies to use the range rover to there advantage and have them escort big loads, while the smaller sedan can be used to do a small closure.

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We will not be adding any new cars anywhere in the near future. This has been suggested before as well.

I'd appreciate it if you look at this topic first before suggesting anything.




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