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Racing Championship - Spring 2019

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Congratulations for everyone, I managed to get to the finals but I have one serious objection. As a person who has many kilometers in racers i.e. rFactor, Assetto Corsa or even Codemasters - GRID 2, all Formulas, here in ATS was one basic problem. That is the fact that the server was NCZ but as someone riding in me it obscured my visibility, that nothing could be seen... (in games for example from Codemasters if someone was in me, it showed up transparently and didn't obscure anyone). The camera change didn't change anything, because no other camera was suitable for racing. This isn't racing when I don't see where I have to go... The organization was great and people too, but this one problem didn't give fun to ride when someone riding in me and being slightly in front of me veiled all the way.

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