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TruckersMP ID as Number in name

Guest Hecki_Stafman

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Guest Hecki_Stafman



I am a user who focuses on the traffic and it is very very bad to type "/pinfo <id>" everytime someone is doing stupid things.

Sometimes players are so fast with crash -> f7 or crash -> Alt-F4 that I only could take a look at the video. And then you have this situation: The guy has many special characters in his name -> No way for the player search function, and the ingame-ID is useless at this moment, too, because he left the game already. 


So, let it be easier that you do not have to type /pinfo anymore on driving: Let the TruckersMP ID show in name.


Suggestion Name: showTruckersMPID

Suggestion Description: TruckersMP ID should be show in or under the name for not typing "/pinfo" anymore and be a risk driver for this moment.

Example Image:



Why should it be added?: To avoid such situations:


And second: to find a player with special characters.






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this feature is the best one  for the tmp gameplay , saving time from typing  and avoiding stoping or crashing while typing ./pinfo bla bla .. what happens if the player who crashed you leaves the game..? how do you report him after ? you don't... cause is harder to find the tmpid ..  so hope this will be changed soon and this will be the best for  people recording and trying to find the crashers,trolls,etc.. for reports 

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Guest Hecki_Stafman
9 hours ago, PandQ said:

A useful suggestion.
However, you can find the username and user ID of the TruckersMP user in local files logs.


My Documents/ ETS2MP / logs


For this you add a recording with the evidence and your report is ready. ;)


Oh. Thanks for this info ;)

Log_spawning_date.log is useful aswell.
I didn't know that yet.

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Hi TMP Community Members,


In regards to the topic above, I think this is a good idea because it will allow for players to report issues on the forums easier, make the job of the admins easier by having the ID available to them with a glance and also as a whole be better for more severe situations such as blocking. This could be show under the name as displayed or beside it, it is something that could be looked into further. 


In conclusion, I think this is a good idea and would be a great future. You have my support.







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The reason why this can be pretty helpful is that players won't need to type /pinfo command in the chat and that will cause less crashes, but if you decide to add this feature like TMPID under the nickname then I think there should be an option to turn it off, because I guess there will be players who don't want to see TMPID. That's definitely +1 from me ;) 

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