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Hot topic #14: Unknown regions of ETS & ATS

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The "hell" in ETS 2 do you know?


I was there. I share with you.


Some say there is a portal to hell in Turkmenistan, it is a very famous place.

In each country people elect places, to call "hell," because obscure things happen.
I discovered in ETS 2, there is a "portal to hell", for the context of the game, of course.

A place of mysterious things. Unfortunately, I did not follow the print of the effects on the truck, even though, I pressed the F12.


Where is?
Siauliai - Lithuania.
Company - RENAT.















There is an abyss below.

Time and space accelerate a lot.

The truck stays in the vacuum.


The GPS goes crazy:

- The hours accelerate.

- Mileage goes crazy.

- "Money does not change.


Drive the truck, you gain experience points, every second.

It is impossible to get out driving the truck


. How to get out?

F 7, enter, option 1. Redemption price: All your money.



But there is another place behind the "XXXX" barrier and with the same abyss.









Then arriving in this city, pay a visit, but do not enter do not advance to fall into "hell".
Of course, if you have billions of euros and want to start from scratch, then this is the beginning.




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Not exactly an unknown area, but the south of France and Italy could definitely take some more love.
IMO, they are the most beautiful regions of the actual available European map.

(This will of course change as soon as the Iberian Peninsula is added to ETS2. ;))

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On 28/02/2019 at 21:52, trixicat said:

Well, the main point is that the roads arr empty. So we need the players get a purpose to go somewhere else than cd road.


There are a lot of nice roads at the map. 


It's often interesting truth. I want to share, a great trip from UPPSALA -SUÉCIA to PALERMO - ITALY.

Well, and more specifically, the stretch between Erfurt (Germany), Innsbruck (Austria).

It's a bit busy area yet, but there are brothers drivers on the way.

The landscape is varied. It is a tip for anyone who wants to come from Rostock or Venice, for exemple, and wishes to cross Germany more peacefully.



On the map I thought about making the direct route to the Swiss Alps, but changed my mind briefly, went to Innsbruch, then made the Alpine route through Switzerland, went to southern Italy.


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For me, my favourite road is the Oslo to Bergen road. It is just so quiet and peaceful. It is also very beautiful and the scenery is lovely. However, I never get to drive down there that often because I'm always caught in traffic jams on the c-d road (really shouldn't have been put in the game). I'd rather they took it out the game and made everyone use the montorways because there would be less traffic( looking at all scout drivers) and it would be more spread out.

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On 2/24/2019 at 2:29 PM, BL4CK$K1LL said:

Because of Calais - Duisburg road almost whole map is dead, so I think we need to do something with that and open a bit bigger server where people will drive everywhere. You can always meet someone in Scandinavia, especially on Bergen - Oslo route but Italy and Going East Part is almost dead.


Nah let it be dead, relaxing to drive there and you can do your deliveries without getting rammed.

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PVG-Trans VTC Belgium, real life professionals only! - OLD TM & CT San Andreas MP player.



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