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Measure the minum acktivity for recruitment in kilometers

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Suggestion Name: Measure the minum acktivity for recruitment in kilometers


Suggestion Description: Measure the minum acktivity for recruitment in kilometers driven at TMP not in month. For example say: "You must have driven 250.000 Kilometers using TMP" instead of saying: "You must be registered 12 month"  to get recriument chances


Why should it be added?: Its simple: This system will be more fair than the actuell. You want experienced drivers for your team an thats really usefull and understandable. But being registered for one year doents mean you have experience. You can register here and drive the next 11 month not or only in singel player. Than, the 12th month, you drive e few kilometers and are aktiv at the Forum and then recruiment will be open for you. Another player that drives here every Day for 6 month will have a lot of more experience but no chance for recruitment. Thats simply not fair. So measure the potentially experience in kilomters not in time someone is registerd will lead to better results an more fairness




It seems that it was not a good idear to descripe my suggestion like i woud do it in my native language and just translate the sentencens. Let my try to tell it in a more simple way:


If you want to apply for an open recruitment, for example as a Game Moderator, you have to comply some conditions. By now you habe to be registratet at the TMP website for at least one year.

My suggestion is to change that condtion. If it is technical possible TMP schoud look how many kilometers an applicant already drove on the TMP server and not longer how long he or her is already registrated on the TMP website.


Imagine the the following situation

Player A is an experienced moderator in other games and big forums. He playes TMP since half a year and drives minimum 4 tours in a week.

Player B registrated himself on TMP website and than doenst play ETS or ATS for 11 month. He never was a moderator anywhere. After 11 month he plays ETS a few times and rive a few kilometers on a TMP Server.

By the actually condtions Player B can aplly for open recruitments, Player A not. This doesn't seem to be fair.

When you change the condition to "droven kilometers in TMP" then Player A can apply and Player B not. This is more fair and give you a better chance for experinced applycants


I hope it is now better to understand what i mean


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Try it with better description
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