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19 hours ago, mtimmins92 said:

hello I am seeking to join a vtc - I recently applied for one but unfortunately I have not heard anything back from them, so I am looking to give it another shot at a vtc apply. I have no previous vtc experience as I have always been a solo driver

Great to hear mate! If you would like to apply to Prime Logistics, feel free to apply at https://primevtc.com/apply. :)

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Posted (edited)

I've been part of Prime since March (2019) and is my first and hopefully only VTC I'll ever be in. 

It's incredibly friendly despite the many people in it and there are many things one have in common with each others.


There are always things to do like have a spontaneous meetup somewhere on the map, drive and before you know it, more people might have joined. 

We meet up at e.g RLC, CRTZ and Tango's convoys (sorry if I left other VTC's out) which are really great, but mostly our biweekly convoys where a lot of drivers meet up to drive. 


At first I didn't see the real reason to participate in convoys, but now I do and it can be very fun, especially among other people and not necessarily from Prime only :)


If you're going to apply, I am very certain you'll feel warmly welcomed by almost everyone ☺️

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Did you know?


Prime Logistics hosts an official 1st anniversary today! 

Why not check it out?


Here's some useful information about the event:


Server: Event Server
Start Location: Dover, Sea Port
Destination: Glasgow, Quarry
Date: Saturday 12th October 2019
Truckfest Start: 12pm ET / 5pm BST / 6pm CET
Convoy Start: 1pm ET / 6pm BST / 7pm CET

Event Staff will be present at 4.45pm (BST) onwards


We hope to see you there!

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As well as always on the lookout for new drivers, Prime Logistics is also urgently looking for talented and aspiring backend & frontend developers to join it's numbers!
We are seeking people with good knowledge in PHP(Laravel), JS, HTML, and CSS.
You should have experience and know how to use the Laravel framework, Bootstrap 4 & Javascript (training can be provided in certain circumstances).
If you think you have what it takes, then please join our Discord (primevtc.com/discord) and speak to Darkhej_Master#5816


Prime Logistics Director of Development

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