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Travel Conditions Signs


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Suggestion Name: Travel Conditions Signs

Suggestion Description: The travel conditions signs would be signs that would inform players about the traffic in different cities.

Any example images: 1787780_Truckersmptravelconditions.jpg.a0fc0eba87a34d877c6f7d31ec5bb264.jpg

Why should it be added?: If I am going to Brussels and I am traveling the CD road, I am going to want to know what the traffic is going to be like in Brussels i.e: Mild, Congested, Heavy, etc. Instead of stopping on the side of the road, causing more problems for other drivers, and check my phone for a traffic update, it would be right in front of my face in game! I think this addition will help reduce traffic hazards on the roads making the game more enjoyable for everyone. 

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Hello @Jagman,


Thank you for your suggestion, however we are going to have to decline it. As of right now, it is technically impossible to add these types of signs in game. ATS has recently got signs similar to this, however they are only basic in design - they only allow a dynamic speed limit change. Which, to add, can only be seen in singleplayer as the scripts for it are not active in multiplayer. Therefore, right now this cannot be a possibly for us in MP. 


// Rejected

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