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TruckersMP Discord guild punishment system

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Punishment system for our Discord guild


How punishments are issued by the Discord Moderation Team on our guild? That's a question that we've been asked a lot of times in the past.

In fact, our system is pretty much the same as the one that is currently applied for our in-game aspect of the TruckersMP mod by the Game Moderators.

The only change is that any warning, kick or ban issued won't expire as they do in-game after a year.


The punishment system is as follow:

  • 1st offense: You'll be either verbally warned (with a tag) by a Discord Moderator or directly warned via the bot that we use, Dyno.
  • 2nd offense: At this point you've been already warned once, you'll now receive another warning via message.
  • 3rd offense: Same as above, you'll receive a warning, and this is your last one before actions are taken if you continue to violate our rules.
  • 4th offense: You'll be kicked from our guild. You are free to join back, but you'll have to make sure that your accounts are still linked in order to access the entire server, otherwise you'll only be limited to the guests chat.
  • 5th offense: If you continue to break our rules after being kicked, you'll be banned for 7 days.
  • 6th offense: At this point, you'll be permanently banned from our guild.


Keep in mind that for any warning, kick or ban issued, unless it's a mistake and that you've done nothing against our rules, you'll have to contact the Community Moderation Management via the Feedback system to appeal your ban. If the evidence against you is valid, your ban will most likely won't be lifted.


Also, note that depending of the severity of your actions, a kick or a temporary/permanent ban can be issued without any warning.


If you have any suggestion about our system or about the Discord guild itself, feel free to use the #discord-suggestions channel available under the "Support" category in our server.



The Community Moderation Management

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