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[ARCHIVED] [23rd March 2019] Trucking Nation Radio Convoy and Truckfest

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Trucking Nation Radio is a new radio station, providing you with the best music! When it goes live we will be celebrating by hosting a truckfest and convoy! 


ETS2C.com: https://ets2c.com/view/79622/connor-dover-sea-port


Start Location of Convoy: Dover - Sea Port, United Kingdom

End Location of Convoy: Aberdeen – Tree-et Depot, United Kingdom

Lead Convoy Control: TotallyConnor and Consec Group

Rear Convoy Control: Consec Group

Time and Date: March 23rd Saturday 2019 – 3pm GMT

Server: EU3

Miles: 980+ Miles.


Convoy Control Restrictions and Rules:

• 55mph/90kmh speed restriction.

• No Cars [Except: Truckers MP Staff or Convoy Control]

• No use of beacons [Except Truckers MP Staff or Convoy Control] as it causes server lag.

• Trailers are allowed but have some restrictions on type: [No B-Doubles/Doubles, Heavy Cargo Trailers or HCT Trailers]

• No Overtaking during the convoy expect [Truckers MP Staff and Convoy Control]

• If [User] Experiences high ping 150m/s+ they will need to pull over and go to the back of the convoy to prevent crashes.

• Respect all TNR Event Staff and follow what convoy control says.

• If [User’s] Truck is damaged either do /fix or pull over to prevent crashes. If your truck can not be repaired with /fix they should teleport to the nearest service station where they will need to catch up with the convoy.

• No Excessive use of flashing lights or horns.

• All Truck Designs are allowed [Be aware that some designs can not be seen by other users]

• No Spamming through CB Radio or Text Chat.


Convoy Route with Detailed Route:

• Start at Dover Sea Port

• A20 -> A259 -> A27 -> M27 • A31 -> A35 -> A30

• Enter M5, First Stop: [Rest Area on the M5]

• Leave M5 and Enter M4

• Pass Cardiff and Swansea

• A483 -> M53

• Come off M53 and Enter Liverpool

• Enter the M6 -> M74 -> A80 -> A9

• Enter Aberdeen -> Finishes at Tree-et Depot.

[Attached image will have the map available to look at]


Any Issues Regarding the Convoy Please Message - TotallyConnor#2396 on Discord.


Location of Truckfest: Calais - Sea Port, France 

Time and Date: March 23rd Saturday 2019 - 2pm GMT




Truckfest Rules and Restrictions:

• No Beacons as it can cause server lag.

• Please Stay in the correct parking location/slot

• Trailer Restriction: Trailers can be used in the VTC parking slot however only singles are allowed.

• [User’s] need to be aware that their truck design may not show up due to DLC’s or Paint Job DLC’s

• No Spamming through CB Radio or Text Chat.

• Please Put trailers on the ferry if you wish to not use them during the truckfest.

• No Spamming of the lights [May Cause Photosensitive Epilepsy]


The Convoy Will start after the Truckfest - The Lead Escort Will Prepare the route before we leave! 




I Hope to see you all there! Enjoy the rest of your day! 

- Connor [Head of Events for Trucking Nation Radio]


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16 hours ago, TotallyConnor said:

Glad to hear we hope to see you there! 

We Will have coverage of the event on Twitch if you cannot make it :)


Does that mean I can come to the event? :P

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Just to let everyone know who is intending on going, slots are nearly full so I recommend if you are part of a VTC let your Community Event Manager or Owner know and book a slot before they are all full! 

Also We Switched over to EU1 instead of EU2 due to the high volume of players, we are still working on trying to get a private server. we hope you all understand. 


If you are thinking of, or intending on going to this event please can you click the Participate button on ETS2c, it only takes 20 seconds to do and all of the Team at TNR will be very appreciative of it ^_^https://ets2c.com/view/79622/connor-dover-sea-port

Enjoy The Rest of your day and Thank you for all the support! 


- Connor [TNR Event Manager] 

Any Issues please email us at: [email protected]

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All the best with the event. I hope to be attending! :)


Many thanks,

Ray Dobson.

Founder of Select Your Game, Gaming Community.

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