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Does technology get in the way of studying or does it help?

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So, a question came to my mind either technology get in the way of studying or does it help?

As you all know technology is getting improved year after year, some of the technology help the student to do his homeworks etc, and some of the technology is only a distraction which could cause him to get lost.


Technology gives you access to almost all human knowledge, it also gives you access to unproductive services and social media which act as a distraction. The choice is entirely up to you, every day I learn incredible bits of information thanks to the Internet as I have gained the willpower not to waste all my time spent online on pointless websites like my younger self did. There is enough information out there on any subject that if you spent enough time reading / watching free stuff online you could become a master in that subject like computer programming or even be more knowledgeable about health than a doctor.

I would like to take different opinions about that..

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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