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Player version of the report demo system


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Suggestion Name: Player version of the report demo system

Suggestion Description: The in-game report system gives the Game Moderators the replay of what happened before the player was reported, allowing them to check the circumstances of the incident. I had an idea of adding the similar system, which could be used by players to see the incident from different angle via external camera, attached to their vehicle. Such replay system would be accessible only if the vehicle is stationary. 

Any example images: None provided

Why should it be added?: This system would allow the player to get the in-game ID and the name of the perpetrator for later spawn log checking, if the perpetrator happened to be too close for the name to even display due to vehicle height.

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If you want to ask anywhere on forums whenever 32-bit version of MP will be supported in future, try to start GTA V on your 32-bit machine before checking game's system requirements.

Instead of quoting the post above, use the ^ character. The character is actually pointing to the post above.

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