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priority lane


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The blue arrow would have the priority, considering the yield sign on the side of the red arrow. 180px-Spain_traffic_signal_r1.svg.png

The above sign dictates that you have to give way to everyone passing through on the blue arrow. When passing this sign on your side of the road, take immediate caution, as you do not have priority.

Also, the "main road" would be the red arrow I believe, but the road being "main" doesn't mean you have the priority.

One more thing: even if you don't see this sign or the stop sign anywhere, still be cautious on intersections, as it's possible that it may have Priority to the Right in effect: when no signs are present in an intersection, who has priority is the person on the right. I hope this helps you :) 

Kind regards.

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3 minutes ago, TimeTimes said:

Hello there @Dark_Fusion


Do you require any more help or are you satisfied with the answers you have been given?

If you do not require any more help, i will be closing this topic so we can keep the forum organised :) 

yeah I'm satisfied  with all the explanation i got. Thank you, you can close the topic

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That is good to hear.


If you have any issues or questions in the future, you can always create another topic here in the help section of the forum.

Alternatively, you can also message either me or another member of the support team.


I will now be closing this topic.


Have a great day.


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