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Double trailer jobs

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Suggestion Name:  Make double trailer jobs.



Suggestion Description: Double trailers are now allowed in Europe outside an area, but to use one in France for exemple,

you must buy it in Scandinavia(so you must own the DLC) and then drive towards France... where there are no jobs available.

I suggest you to add "parts" of this mod (link)

or to make one similar, it allows you to buy a double trailer in Europe, and it add cargoes for it. It also adds double trailers in freight market, but

I think that it is not a good idea because everyone would use it...

Any example images: 

--my images are bigger than 500kb--



Why should it be added?:

If it is added,  it would help to integrate double trailers in the game!



I am French so sorry if my english is bad

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