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Increase Zoom in Rear View Mirror in Skoda [ETS 2]


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Suggestion Name: Increased Rear-View Mirror Zoom/Range with the Skoda in ETS 2.

Suggestion Description: Increasing the Rear-View Mirror Zoom/Range on the Skoda will make it so you can see vehicles and objects behind you easier, as you can't currently see anything, ATS MP already has this.

Any example images:


Why should it be added?

This should be added as currently in ETS 2, it is impossible to see anything behind you whilst driving/parking the Skoda. Making the Rear-View mirror like the one in ATS will allow Users to be able to spot things behind them, and will allow objects to be seen whilst reversing and vehicles when driving on a slip-road. 

In ATS, the Rear-View mirror is already zoomed in, allowing you to see things behind you so I am not sure why this is not how it is in ETS 2.

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2 minutes ago, SalePro said:

I dont think some players even use side mirrors, and we're talking about the one for rear view :lol:

But anyway i'm gonna give an + to this, because why not.

I really want this as I usually use the UK cockpit layout, meaning when driving in mainland Europe I have to move my camera to look in the side mirror (which you should do anyway), but if it was zoomed in I wouldn't have to absolutely rely on it. :D

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15 hours ago, Maze said:

You can increase the zoom in game settings. Caravan mirrors may help you as well. It would be nice to have it increased tho. ;) 

I’ve never seen an option to zoom it, also 2 reasons why I don’t use Carvan Mirrors:

1. They aren’t zoomed in themselves, so it doesn’t really increase how far you can see behind you. 

2. They’re quite ugly :p

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well mirrors are a number one priority for a driver so yea i don't think its a bad idea 1+


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While this is a good suggestion, it is not in fact able to be implemented. A working version was looked into for the Scout Rework last year however it resulted in either the mirror not functioning or really low resolution on the mirror, so it was decided to keep the mirror as it was.



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