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Reorganization of the Forum

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Suggestion Name:  Reorganization of the Forum


I have the way to organize more the forum and to set aside error or obsolete messages, without having to eliminate and / or lose its proceeding.


Suggestion Description: 

You have to make a duplicate of all sections and subsections of the forum, hidden for only the adminstracion can see. Any erroneous or obsolete message, due to antiquity, inappropriate use or simply, was a favorably recent implant. (Move) and Archive those messages.


Any example images: 
I give as an example, the Spanish forum: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/259-archivo/




Why should it be added?: 

We would see the messages that are truly well documented and pruralized.


I hope it serves for a fruitful evolution and help with my proposal.


Atte: tntdavila


Edit: What is the point of seeing erroneous messages as a priority for everyone, instead of closing and keeping them out of sight?


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There is no way we are going to be able to moderate each and every language section at all times, to ensure that you will not see any random messages or whatsoever. Also, I don't really have a clear understanding of what you wanted to reach with this, since none of what you have said really makes sense (probably because you used Google Translate).


However, you might see some changes to the International Languages Section soon.



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