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How CB works?

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If you are a beginner and do not know how cb works you have come to the appropriate topic. The cb is for talking and not for singing (this I say why some they are doing it). Lately I have heard beginners do not know how to work.

Τry to follow the next steps:


1) At first you will see a radio on top of you where you will have a number.





2) A. This button is off-on

     B. This button is the frequency you want to talk to (there is 1 to 20)




3) To talk through the cb press the x button pressed (not is done change the button for cb is always the x button)





4) If you right click it will take you out  one yellow dart.




5)  To strengthen or lower your microphone

A. Will open the tab

B. Below corner left you will press the the gear

C. Then press Sound

D. Below it says Microphone volume (in the bar, you go right

     strengthens, and when you go left it lowers)




Thank you for your time. I'm hoping to cover you. If you have any other problem you can tell me.







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This is a good and very well created guide! You seem to have put some time into the images :) However, you could've additionally showed us the "Voice Volume" slider. This slider is to increase/decrease the receiving sound from the CB.

I learned one thing, which is from step 2. That would be the on/off button. I didn't know that there was one until today.

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My TAB key doesn't do anything and clicking RMB only turns my right indicator on or off because up until the end of December i was driving with mouse and keyboard and using LMB and RMB for indicator buttons and being as my mouse was how i looked around it was faster.
Don't know how to fix that.
Tried looking for settings in the MP launcher but didn't see any.

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