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Hello everyone,

I come here to offer you a complex idea but that could add something new. I propose to make possible the creation of private server.


Let me explain, looking for the possibility of playing on a private server with friends I never find how to create a server where only me and my friends could enter. It may be possible to make a private server limited to 5/10 places (just for a group of friends) where we could also add mods like new cars, new skins, or many other things.
And for the creation and the access to the waiters it would be necessary to pass by TruckersMP all the configuration is on your launcher, you just have 2 or 3 steps, first click on the button create a local server after choosing the number of people and finally choose the mods to add and that's all, no access to files and you keep the exclusivity of multiplayer on Euro Truck Simulator 2.
That's my idea I know that many people would like this novelty and I know it's not easy but here is my idea.

Thank you for your attention and your work.

See you soon on the roads ^^



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Dear @Kitcut40465


If you want to make a suggestion about any topic, you need to properly fill in the format that belongs to the suggestion section and then you can share your suggestion with the community. 


Please fill in the format that I will show you below and give the necessary answers with all the details because let us better understand our attitude towards your suggestion.



Suggestion Format:

Suggestion Name: 

Suggestion Description:

Any example images: 

Why should it be added?:



Please comply with this format in the shortest time otherwise your suggestion will be rejected.

Also you can look at this topic:

Kind Regards,


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This has been suggested a couple times before, but has also been rejected before. I ask you to take a look at the topic below to find out what has been suggested and what you don't have to suggest again.



Also, next time, please follow what has been said above by Tomukas. The suggestion format is required, and without one your suggestion will be rejected.




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