Save editing, sometimes also referred to as “MP modding” has rules just like any other aspect of TruckersMP. These rules can be found on our website (, however, this topic will be an in-depth guide about this section of the rules.   Disclaimer: Staff members cannot give approval or any modifications, except for the Game Management, Project Management and the Add-On Manager. If you plan to ask if a mod is allowed, you must not take it into TruckersMP before asking.   NO LOWER STAFF HAS ANY JURISDICTION OVER THE GAME RULES, THEIR EXECUTION AND/OR DECISIONS ABOUT WHETHER SOMETHING IS BANNABLE. IF YOU ARE BEING PROVIDED WITH MISLEADING OR INCORRECT INFORMATION BY SOMEBODY WHO DOES NOT FALL UNDER THE ABOVE-MENTIONED PEOPLE, YOU ARE MEANT TO TREAT THIS INFORMATION AS NEVER RECEIVED. IT IS YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE THE INFORMATION YOU GET WAS RECEIVED THROUGH THE PROPER WAYS.   For those who use mods made by other people: Never assume that a mod is allowed in TruckersMP just because its author claims that it is, it is entirely possible that a mod author either does not understand the rules or the mod was made when different rules were in place – you are responsible for any and all mods you use in multiplayer, regardless of where they were sourced from. Mods which have been officially checked will appear in §3.4 of the official rules.   Customisation mods When using a mod which adds additional items to the menu (mainly parts from other trucks) on a certain truck, always keep that mod up to date; this is important as the TruckersMP rules could change, bugs could be found or other reasons. These mods should also only be downloaded from their official links from their authors – if it is coming from somewhere else, it could have been edited to do something it should not.   Pre-modded profiles While these can be a good option, you need to be careful as, unless you are knowledgeable with save editing, you are putting trust in the profile author that they know and adhere to the rules, which is a big risk. When downloading a modified profile, it is best to see if the author has listed all of the modifications done; if they have not, ask for it – with that information you can then check it against the rules yourself. Again, never assume something is allowed just because the creator said so.   Breakdown of the rules: These are the save editing rules in basic bullet point form, the only difference between these and the original rules is how they are presented. Trucks The truck MUST contain the following: Cabin Chassis Wheels Headlights A truck is allowed to use an engine or transmission from another truck A truck is allowed to combine a cabin with a chassis from another truck A truck cannot use parts from a Scout car With the following exceptions, parts can only be placed in the slots which the game allows them to be placed in (regardless of which truck) and you cannot add an excessive amount of any parts You are not allowed to plus more items than allowed by default (beacons, LEDs, horns and similar) – For mod makers, this applies to addon hook-ups Beacons and large horns (all except “screamer” in ETS2) may only be placed on the roof bars – For mod makers, this is the “r_grill” accessory LEDs (not LED strobes) may be placed on all addon slots Spotlights can be placed on any addon slots except rear bumper Michelin Bibendums can be placed on any addon slots Interior accessories cannot be placed outside Exterior accessories cannot be placed inside You are not allowed to place more than 1 accessory per slot, with one exception: You are allowed to have multiple light bars in one slot, but you must not have more than the truck supports by default; If the truck can support 3 bars then you could choose to put all 3 on one slot but must have no other bars on the truck  - For mod makers, this applies to “r_grill”, “b_grill”, “f_grill” and “c_grill” accessories. All Scanias have a limit of 4 bars, all other trucks are limited to 3.   Trailers You cannot use a trailer combination other than the ones written above A trailer cannot use bodywork which is for a longer chassis You are allowed to mix trailer chassis on doubles/triples Duplicate parts are not allowed Duplicate slot use is not allowed   Cars All wheels must be visible (invisible wheels are not allowed) AI car wheels are allowed, truck wheels or oversize wheels are not allowed Truck parts cannot be used on cars The event van must not be used Duplicate parts are not allowed Duplicate slot use is not allowed   Commonly asked questions: Q: Is this trailer allowed on the back of a double on ETS2?
A: Yes, any trailer is allowed on the back of a double.   Q: I have a truck with “V” shaped LEDs on the front, is this allowed?
A: Yes, however ensure you do not have duplicate grills   Q: My hybrid truck has a slight overhang at the front, is it still allowed?
A: Yes, it is allowed unless the hitbox increase is invisible.   Q: Are triple trailers allowed in ETS2?
A: Yes, however be aware that reckless driving or blocking with them is bannable.   Q: Are longer triple trailers allowed in ATS?
A: Yes, however be aware that reckless driving or blocking with them is bannable.   Q: Are trailers and cargoes from Special Transport allowed to be used?
A: No, as they come under the autokick as they are not supported - abusing bugs to use them can lead to a permanent bug abusing ban.   Local only mods? Mods which are only seen by the mod user, known as local only mods, are mostly automatically kicked for as despite only being seen by the mod user can cause errors and game crashed for other players. The only accessories that are allowed to be local only are addon accessories, like light bars and similar. Editing your save to circumvent the autokick is treated as bug abusing and will lead to a permanent ban from TruckersMP. Custom chassis, cabins, interiors, engines, sounds, transmissions, paint jobs etc cannot be local only as they will be automatically kicked for.   Still unsure about a mod? If you are still unsure about whether or not a mod is allowed, please use the feedback system to ask us; provide as much information as you can and screenshots where appropriate – do not attempt to mislead us in the feedback system. If the mod you are asking about includes multiple light bars of the same type, you must show the entire truck – the bar limit counts for the whole vehicle, not per slot.   You are responsible for the mods you use, you are not responsible for the mods that other people use - please leave the moderation of mods used by others to the Game Moderation team. If a mod is clearly breaking the rules then feel free to report it using the ‘Excessive save editing’ category, but please do not go out of your way to find issues with other people's mods when they have no impact on you.