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Suggestion Name: Land grants.


I might be a little crazy about this idea, but I think it's good and that nobody proposed something like that before.


Description of the suggestion:

In the game, I see that there are many places that are accessible but have no use.
My proposal or idea would be, to take those lands and create a garage for the company, I explain:

Let's say there are companies officially created in ETS2 20 and of those 20, 3 have 50 people (to put a minimum number of people per company). Reward those companies with a minimum of 50 people each. Custom garages with a company sign, example:
if the company is called: Trucker Slug, a sign at the entrance of said garage with the name or abbreviation.



Any example of images:



Why should it be added ?: Offer a meeting point for large companies and with a reasonable price (real money) have accessories to attach to the garage of each company, type: Flags, Spotlights, Logo, Elevation Barrier, Sliding Door, etc. .


Hoping that the idea serves to improve the evolution of TruckersMP, I say goodbye with a greeting.


PD: I would like all users who see the suggestion, contribute with their grain of sand with your opinion about it. Against more we are better, then apart, it is a collective use that affects all

Atte: tntdavila

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We will not add an ability to customize your garages as that is something for SCS Software to add. VTC's can meet up wherever they desire and we will not have one group claim a garage to be theirs.



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