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Suggestion Name:   Adding vans in game


Suggestion Description: a new vehicle for people to drive and pilot trucks around


Any example images: N/A


Why should it be added?:

As Euro truck have added a van as AI with pilot skins I think it would be a good idea like the scout car to add a scout van for people to drive/ pilot big loads and trucks 


it should be added as I think many people would benefit from it and have fun using it and maybe it can have its own trailers 


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Dear @Sandal


If you want to make a suggestion about any topic, you need to properly fill in the format that belongs to the suggestion section and then you can share your suggestion with the community. 


Please fill in the format that I will show you below and give the necessary answers with all the details because let us better understand our attitude towards your suggestion.



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Please comply with this format in the shortest time otherwise your suggestion will be rejected.

You can look at this topic:


Kind Regards,


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