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Winter mod not working


Hello there, (General Kenobi) :lol:

I've installed the Winter Mod (all the 3 mods) but none of them are working on ets2 when i use the launcher.

If i launch ets2 they come up, but if i launch TruckersMP the mod manager says they're incompatible or not there.

In that screenshot theres what happens if i launch the game through TruckersMP, if offline, you know what a normal page with working mods it's like, don't you? :P

Screenshot (26).png

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Hello @DanyB

You do not need to activate manually winter mod in Mod Manager ( if it's Multiplayer). All you need to do is to download all 3 files, and put them into Documents/ETS2MP/mod ,open the launcher download updates if there is any, and start the game. When you are in, just join the server and everything is fine.

Winter mod is automatically activated if you did what i have wrote above, you do not need to go into mod manager.

If you do not have "mod" folder in Documents/ETS2MP you will have to create one and the rest is already been said.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

Best regards,

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