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SSD Freezing and Recommendations for SSDs | Fix for ETS2/ATS + OS freezing | Simple Guide


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Hello guys,
I recently experienced a problem with an SSD freezing the OS or game (which can result in unreliable connection kick from MP).
Luckily i found a fix and would like to share it with all the others having issues!



If you have any Kingston SSD, I recommend you do return or refund it if possible. If not then please please PLEASE invest in a different SSD.

After a lot of research I have found that Kingston SSDs are not as reliable or fast as stated.

When buying an SSD, make sure the speeds are listed as MB/s (MB per second) or Gbps. Kingston have been known to list SSDs are Mbps (Mb per second).

Many SSDs, mainly the A400 series are limited to speeds of around 56MB/s, slower than USB 2.0 and also a lot slower than most hard drives.

While it is faster for smaller files (KB files), if you plan to do large file transfer (MB/GB files) then these SSDs are not to be used!


If you plan to get an SSD but don't want to pay a much higher price, then I recommend Crucial or WD Green.

If you would rather have a really good SSD and may want to stretch the pricing, I recommend Samsung 860 EVO and/or above.

Unfortunately I came to be a victim of Kingston's false products, they list read speeds as 540MB/s while it can only transfer 56MB/s max.

I also have noticed when running benchmarks, it speeds up significantly only for a small period.

Another issues with Kingston is most raw data except temperature are false readings and you cannot check the REAL health of the SSD.


Please keep all of the above in mind before purchasing an SSD!


Make sure all your drivers are up to date as well as Windows!
You can do this by opening start and typing "control panel".


Then click "Category" and select "Large icons"

Once you have done that, select "Device Manager".

Look for "IDA/ATA/ATAPI controllers" and select the controller


Right click it and press 'Update driver'.
Then close device manager.

Go to the link below and download the 'registry' file(.reg) - Number 2

Once you have done that and added the registry file, go back to control panel.

Open "Power Options" then click "Change plan settings" on the plan selected.

Then press "Change advanced power settings" it will show up a window like in image below.

Select "Hard Disk" > "AHCI Link Power Management - HIPM/DIPM" > "Setting" and select the setting "Active".

Click apply and close control panel and power options.

If you have a Kingston, Sandisk, Samsung, WD Green/Blue SSD or Crucial use the links below to download their SSD Managers.
Kingston:               https://www.kingston.com/en/support/technical/ssdmanager
Sandisk:                 https://kb.sandisk.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/15108/~/sandisk-ssd-dashboard-support-information (Download option!)
Samsung:              https://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/minisite/ssd/download/tools/ (SAMSUNG MAGICIAN)
WD Blue/Green:    https://support.wdc.com/downloads.aspx?p=279

Crucial:                  https://uk.crucial.com/gbr/en/support-storage-executive


Once you have installed the manager for your SSD(s), go to your SSD in the dashboard and check for firmware updates.
For example mine in Kingston, so it might be slightly different for your panel.

Make sure to check SSD health, status etc... too!

Once you have updated your firmware, you should be good to go!

If you still unfortunately have issues with freezing, i recommend you follow the steps below!

1. Turn off your PC and boot it up to the BIOS setup (Usually F2 or DEL)
2. Go to Boot options or Hard Disk options, you may see an AHCI controller or SATA controller setting.
3. If you have to option to enable IDE or disable AHCI, do that.
4. Save settings and go boot up your PC.

If you either don't have an option to change AHCI or IDE/SATA, or it still hasn't made a difference. Follow the steps below...

Well you have two options which aren't really what you want to do...

1. Re-install windows on your SSD (make sure to backup your data) and wipe the SSD partitions on install.
2. Contact your SSD manufacturer and see if they can help with the issue(s).

If you managed to fix it, congrats! Enjoy trucking.

Know any others with SSD issues? Link them here!




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Added information regarding Kingston SSDs - Make sure to read!


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@SgtBreadStick None of the pictures are working, I think you need to upload them on another website like imgur.

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Great tutorial. I hope this helps people who require it. :)


Many thanks,

Ray Dobson.

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Great tutorial thank you for that. 

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I'm getting an error downloading the link from step two.🤔

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