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mwl4 Released

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@JohnLee999 More than 50 minutes ago I finished a job, 2000+ Km, following the speed limits (which means that it took me over 2 hours real time). And it was all done with snow everywhere, slippery terrain and when I force-enabled rain, snow on the windshield. So the mod was working 3 hours ago... It seems that a lot of people is having problems to make it work, but there are lots of other people (me included) that can use it just after downloading and placing the files where intended. If the problem were within the mod, it would not work for anyone, right?

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Hi, I am thankfull for this mod but for me, I am currently having issues downloading all the winter mods except from the physics, I do not know what is causing this but there needs to be a fix.


Looking forward to the winter mod when it works!

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29 minutes ago, Terachnos said:

I have this error on try update game in Launcher. (I've already tried reinstalling it)


(Exception during WebClient request)


I had the same problem because of a dll file moved into quarantine by my antivirus software (approx. name = core xxxx.dll).

Since I have removed it from quarantine, everything works fine

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