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Winter mod is now available!

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Greetings truckers, we have just added support for Frosty Winter Weather Mod v7.0. Note: Like in previous years winter mod is only optional. You do not have to download packages to play TruckersMP.

I'm on my way!    

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12 hours ago, [Интегра] ResTed said:

winter mod does not support the latest update of the game, so multiplayer also does not support winter mod :unsure:

Well winter mod has been updated to 1.34 for a few days now so we just need to wait for truckersmp to enable it again. I'm sure they will keep it for another patch.

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3 minutes ago, Koliz said:

Please, let me know when the winter mod for 1.34 will be available. How long I have to wait!? People, it's only February and there's no winter here anymore ...


I guess WinterMod is not going to be supported until the end of this year as half of February has already passed and it will be waste of time for MP developers to work on support of the mod which is going to be unsupported in 2 weeks.

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Just now, BlackSkill said:


Domyślam się, że WinterMod nie będzie wspierany aż do końca tego roku, ponieważ połowa lutego już minęła i będzie to strata czasu dla programistów MP pracujących nad wsparciem dla mod, który nie będzie wspierany w ciągu 2 tygodni.

If it's true, I'm really pissed . There has never been such a situation ...

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by Pillow_


Hello Truckers!


Many of you are concerned about the disappearance of the wintermod. 

Currently, with the new 1.34 updates, the wintermod is temporarily disabled until it gets updated to a new version to support 1.34.


While we try to fix this issue, we'd like to ask all of you to be patient and wait for a new update on this.



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12 hours ago, ScaniaFan89 said:

KEEP IT OFF, DO NOT ADD IT AGAIN.....No one wants the actual " Winter " part, they just want the Physics " Drift " part to cause chaos!  WINTER IS OVER GUYS, ITS ALMOST MARCH! DEAL WITH IT :angry:

@ScaniaFan89 That is like SO  NOT true, I use both the winter base mod and the heavy because of how beautiful it is. The Drift part is just optional. You say that winter is over, it's not trust me, In the UK we can have snow as late as April.

Btw I don't see anyone else complaining about the mod.

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Guest DevilsKiss

Personally, I don't like the winter mod, since I played MP, all I saw was drifting. There are alot of people who use the mod for the right reasons, and there are unfortunately some people who use it as a drifting tool or a reason to hit people and blame the mod as an excuse.


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Well for the "drifters" it's because they do install the physic mod. In my opinion even if winter is considered as a "Seasonal event" it's kinda sad that we can't activate it manually no matter what period of the year.

I haven't personally tried out these new winter mods and i think they are nice.


In TruckersMP we saw alot of freedom that we had dissappear with time and not only because of how abusing people were with that freedom but also for many other cases. Alot of excellent players with no punishments and years in the game get punish in a way because of other peoples mistakes.


I'm not here to say what is good what is bad for the community and us the players. 

But that would be nice if that mod could stay a little bit more because it's very refreshing, the map of ETS is "plain" there's actually no dynamic into the weathers and the environment so in my opinion, that mod could add more of that especially if you like to play a little bit closer of the realistic side (take my words with pinch of salt there) when we travel to some areas that at certain period of the year snow might be present.


Drive safe stay cool and happy trucking guys.

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