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A suggestion to make the ban issues better in my opinion

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Suggestion Name: 

A [IMO] better banning system

Suggestion Description:

when you are driving Recklessly driving, you should get banned [obviously], but after the ban time is up, about 3-10 days, the person in question will have a cool down period, where they must play the game for maybe 10 hours [if they quit the game, the cool down is put on pause], and in this cool down, if they recklessly drive again, they will be put on the next ban issue, and their ban increased to maybe a month, as well as their cool down being increased to 30 hours or something, eventually leading to a permanent ban; However, if this cooldown, then the ban issue is reset to only 3-10 days, even if they recklessly drove 2 times in a row. This way if somebody is just there to troll other players, they will be banned if they just continue trolling, however, if someone is a good player, and occasionally messes up, they can be careful for that cooldown period, and then later enjoy the game to it's full experience :D

TL;DR: make it so that when you mess up you get banned and after that ban is over you are in a cooldown period where if you mess up again they ban you again but this time longer, however if you don't mess up it gets reset to 3-10 days ban.

Any example images:

I have no images

Why should it be added?:

I feel that the current banning system isn't really fair, in this game, you can very easily accidentally go to fast and ram into somebody, or accidentally turn and block the path, while you were on a long route. But I feel like with this system, it's fair to people who accidentally ram, block, or recklessly drive, while still keeping the trolls out, so that they don't ruin the experience.

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There are several points speaking against such a system. For instance, players could just be idle in a no collision area to wait that the time expires. That would not be fun and many people would complain. Another point aims at system-side limitations as there is no way to make it possible in an easy and quick way. It would take mwl4 many months of hard work to create such a system. That is not viable and would only lead to the above-mentioned exploit anyway. Thanks for your effort but this is nothing we will look into.



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