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Statistics about TMP Community


Suggestion Description:

Would be nice to see some statistics about the TMP community. So like the server status page; there could be a webpage full of statistics like:

1. **country** has **players count** truckers and has the most truckers in TMP!

2. Most new registered truckers are coming from **country**

3. Total registered truckers: **total users**

4. Last 7 days **users count** new truckers registered

5. Most online truckers from the same country past 24h/2days/7days/1w/1m are from **country**. 

6. Your country: **Country**  has **users count** registered Truckers and **online user count** truckers of them are online now! ** user count ** truckers were active in the past 7 days

7. Search for every country like in 6, same info but from a selected country. (example I live in Belgium and want to see Dutch info).

Any example images: 


Why should it be added?:

As I know this isn't priority for the Devs, it would be an awesome page. Some people (me included) would love some statistics from TMP.

This could give the community a boost to actively start new ETS2 players to start with TMP to boost their country's stats.


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  • Translation Manager

We usually release some statistics at the end of a year, or when we reached a certain milestone. As our 5th year of our mod is coming up this year, this will be something we can share with the community. It will not be a specific developed page, however I'm sure you'll like to see some statistics regardless.



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