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Help me please ! Fatal Error




Hi guys I have a big problem with the throwing of the launcher it's me but a mistake and it's two days and I still can not solve it despite the topics already posted on this subject someone would have a solution that would be reliable is functional thank you very much the game I miss! :)





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  • Try updating your video card driver.
  • Verify your game files. Right click on Steam> Library> Ets2> Properties> Local files> Verify the integrity of the game cache.
  • If you've played with the Config file, restore it, if possible, or get a new one. My Documents / Euro Truck Simulator 2 / config.cfg
  • You may be related to your profile file, open a new one.
  • If you get this error in crowded areas, it is related to the update or your computer.
  • You may have a problem caused by a lack of files, delete the game and install it again.
  • Check if you have received the error in Singleplayer.





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Hello :) 

Follow these guides:

Solution 1:

Have you tried verify your game ?

> Go to Steam Library

> Right click Euro Truck Simulator 2

> Properties

> Local Files

> Verify Integrity of Game Files

Wait until the game files are verified and try whether the error still occurs.


Solution 2:

1. Start a command line as an administrator (cmd)

2. Run the command:

sfc /scannow

3. Wait, and then restart your computer

4. Run a single game in x64 DirectX mode (Launch witch DirectX for ATS)

5. Drive a short distance

6. Exit Game

7. Start multiplayer


Solution 3:

Have you got the latest .NET Framework installed?



If you have, then please try using the .NET Repair Tool:



Also, install the latest C++ Version:



Solution 4:

  • Press the Windows Key + R (Win + R) on your keyboard.
  • Type "% programdata%" and press Enter (without the quotation marks)
  • Locate the "TruckersMP" folder and delete it.
  • Go to C: \ Program Files and delete the folder named "TruckersMP Launcher".
  • Install TruckersMP Laucher as an administrator at https://truckersmp.com/download/.
  • Launch Launcher as administrator and click "Install Available Updates"

And read these topics:


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Hello there, some good answers were given above, has your problem been solved?

I await your return! ^_^


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