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Christmas Convoy 2018


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As per usual, I went Rotterdam to attend to this Christmas Convoy, only to be met by glorious lags entering the city, soon after my game crashes with "a fatal error" due to "unreliable connection". Aye, I restarted the game, upon entering the city again, I again have "unreliable connection" and my game crashes to desktop.


I thought it has long been solved, at this point I think TMP is too unstable for those of us crashing. Looks like I joined this project with sky-high hopes, ha.




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On 12/9/2018 at 5:08 PM, Digital said:



Throughout the year TruckersMP has seen many new and exciting events, which thousands of you have participated in. As we move closer towards the end of the year, we come to the point of needing an event bigger than any other this year... An event which allows us to properly celebrate our success in 2018, and go out with a bang.

I hope you're starting to feel festive, truckers, as I am proud to announce that the TruckersMP tradition of a 12-hour Christmas Convoy will be returning, taking place on Sunday 16th December 2018!

That's right, this Sunday we will not be hosting a 90-minute convoy, but 12-hours, consisting of 5 convoy routes! Each route is scheduled to run for 2-hours, with 30 minute breaks in-between.

Take a look at all of the routes we have planned below!






Not sure when the convoys will be running in your local time? Check out our Timezone Converter.

The full convoy will be a massive 5153 miles, or 8293 kilometres. Convoy control will be present to guide you throughout this massive convoy, to ensure you do not get lost!

If this wasn't enough to get you into the festive spirit, then we have something else that may!


The friendly guys over at SCS Software would also like to share the festive joy in our community. They have provided us with a lot of ETS2 DLC Steam keys to gift out to lucky participants throughout the 12-hour event, so don't miss out!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, and hope to see you there with us!

Additional Event Info: Event Rules | DLC: Vive la France & Scandinavia | Server: Christmas Convoy

-TruckersMP Team

I use the for de mp, I think for the second time expecting to have a good day I only have one question: the Christmas convoy in what time would it be in Mexico's time zone? I have some aplicasiones in the mobile but noson very successful


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Thank you to all who prepared this event - I have been looking forward to it all week. Very well organised, didn't need waypoints but used ETS2MAP to check size of gaps. Think there was a spli around the M25 as one instruction said mid lane Southampton which should have been London. Most enjoyable was when able to get a nice flow of speed up. Least was the amount of overtakers. As some of you probably saw, due to interaction with an overtaker & the laws of physics I ended up falling off a raised road edge somewhere near Mannheim or Strasbourg, which I have never done in over 5 years of trucking - did anyone get this recorded?! Also frustrating is when I'm doing 90...& someone tells me to speed up!!!


Anyway a very merry Christmss to the TMP team for a stable & fun extra dimension to ETS & all the best for 2019 x.

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Would have loved to have joined the event, but I work on Sundays sadly. So I wasn't able to attend :(. I hope it was a good event for you guys and everything went smoothly.


Take care,



Kind Regards,


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* Surprised there was no YT stream, was an element of involvemwnt missing as a result of this. Could not get any sort of voice commentary out of Discord.

*  There was 1 idiot I was near during the first leg that should not have been driving at all & was not welcome.

* I am an argumentative gobby blob that needs to just learn to, as Rhianna said, "shut up & drive" LOL!


If anything else.comes to mind no doubt I'll divulge. A learning experience for all. 

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