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The new update is more realistic

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On 7/12/2018 at 22:32, Miyu* said:

Pregunta rápida aquí:


Me puse los frenos de golpe y mi cabina es como si estuviera inclinándose (mirando hacia el frente se vuelve un poco hacia el suelo).

Pero incluso si me detengo, mi cabina sigue inclinándose. Tengo que acelerar por un tiempo y luego mi cabina de repente vuelve a ser normal.

¿El camión real actúa igual?

In the real trucks also tend to do a little bowing, but do it always No!

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So today I followed the guide Squirrel put up to tweak some of the new physics settings they added in 1.33 and it makes a huge difference. I use a G27 and the truck still feels good to drive, I think the biggest difference is when you aren't smooth with the controls, if you try to turn quickly it makes a big difference.



There's a link to the video, there's three settings you have to change and I had no problem changing them in MP. I'm really glad they added this because I wasn't sure if any physics mods work with, or are approved for use in MP and therefore never tried any. But this certainly makes the truck feel more realistic along with the other changes made in 1.33


*Note* It's not recommended for people who use a keyboard, and I'm not sure how well it will work with a gamepad. Great for people who use a wheel though.


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I really like the new physics. I have my settings for truck stability on 0.2 and trailer stability also on 0.2.


Question for a real trucker: is stability on 0.0 100 percent realistic ? In my opinion the truck tilts to easy to the side.



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