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Catch The TruckersMP Staff

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  • Suggestion Name: Catch The TruckersMP Staff
  • Suggestion Description: An event can organized for my suggestion. In event server TruckersMP staff will drive truck or skoda (without using police paintjob) and players will decide if the driver he saw is a normal player or a TruckersMP staff. If he is sure about his decision, he will enter a command (/catch [id]) and earn some points. If his decision is wrong, he will lose points. Also players won’t be able to track anyone in event server from ets2map.com website. At the end of the event, the driver who has the most points may win a DLC or something like that. 
  • Any example images: I don’t have any example images. 
  • Why should it be added?: For having fun with whole TruckersMP community. 
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Hello there,


Thank you for submitting a suggestion. We have done a similar event in the past.

People were able to find staff members at our "Easter Egg Hunt" event this year and last year as well. Players who have found all easter eggs / staff members have received a reward on their TMP profile. The first person received a DLC. You can find more information about this event on our blog post for this years "Easter Egg Hunt": https://truckersmp.com/blog/153


I hope I was able to help you. Happy trucking!

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