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Winter Mod


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Dear @Xirilius,


As there currently isn't any estimated date for the release (and there isn't even a confirmation about if it will be released), the only thing you can do is to wait and keep your eye on TruckersMP announcements. There should be more information about the winter mod in the near future, so stay tuned for them to get more information.


Above you can find a post about estimated time when the winter mod was released during previous years. And of course, thank you for your patience with waiting for more information about the winter mod.

As the support team is unable to give you more assistance with your current problem, I'd still like to ask if there's something else you want to ask. 


Kind regards,


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Guest WentworthHFD

Hi all,


because the problem is resolved, the topic will be locked and moved to the 'resolved'.
If you still have questions, please provide a message to Support Team and we will return your topic.
Thanks to everyone for taking part in this topic!


//Topic locked and moved to archive


TruckersMP - Staff Team

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