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Truckers Incorporated | Reqruiting | Couple Convoy's a week

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Welcome everyone that opened this topic.
I'm here to announce the new VTC: Truckers Incorporated to you!

Who are we:

The Co-Founder and I started playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 on the 11th of May 2017.
We played for a while and saw all VTC's drive by in convoy's and decided we want to either join one or start one ourselves. Thats when Truckers Incorporated started. We noticed that we didn't meet the requirements to start one, so we just put the 'Truckers INC.' next to our name, and that resulted in some people asking if they could join. We accepted them and we're now at a total number of 6 people. A year went by, and a couple of days ago I noticed that they loosen up the requirements to create a VTC and decided it was time to try and make this community official.

So what do we do? What makes us so special?
We aren't particulary special in any kind of way, we drive convoy's from time to time, and have fun. We are more than a Ingame company, driving together for this amount of time created a friendship in real life too.

The Rules: 

  • -Drive roleplay
  • -Always put the company's paintjob on your truck.
  • -Repressent the company by putting 'Truckers' and 'INC' on your license plates. (This is additional)



First you will need to fill out an application form (The link to that will be posted at the bottom of this topic).

-When you're application form is accepted you will need to follow an intake that takes place on our Discord.

  • >First we will ask you some questions
  • >Then you will be asked to do an driving test (the driving test means that you will drive a job with us to see if you' re qualified) 
  • >When you succeed both of them, we will discuss if you will be accepted or not

>If you are accepted we will let you know.

Discord (When you join, please PM one of the owners to give you your perms)
Truckers Incorporated: Application Format

E-Mail Address: [email protected]
You can send all of your questions to that mail address


Website: https://truckersinc.nl

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Sorry for the delay on Screenshots/video's. I'm currently building a website which will contain it all. (Including the events like convoy's etc.)

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The website is UP, however it's still under maintenance.
All Screenshots/Video's will be posted there soon

We will add a register system soon.

Link: TruckersINC.nl

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