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Here you can write reviews about other drivers, recommend them or the contrary.




1. If you want write a negative comment, you need to add a evidence.

2. Posts are to be written in a cultural way and without provocation.

3. If you do not agree with someone's opinion, set everything in a private message, if you reach a consensus, the author has to report his post and ask for moderation to remove it.

4. Prohibit the distribution of personal data such as first name or surname without the consent of that person. Evidence must have fuzzy personal data.

5. Do not insult other people on grounds of  nationality.




Source written by: @I<3VODKA



I recommend [@player_name] because... [reason]

I don't recommend [@player_name] because... [reason + evidence]

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There're lots of people who I would like to recommend:  

@Rev. -Is the first person who helped me when I joined the forum and gifted me Scandinavian DLC without knowing who I'm. That was a big surprise and I'll never forget this :wub:
@TimeTimes - It's that kind of person who is always free to listen to your problems, give you advice and make you happy.
@Olioak @Ali. @Martin. @Speedy_TMP @Matt #CarLadMatt @Mirrland @SgtBreadStick - I don't know you very well, but I can say that you're pretty positive and kind people who I enjoy driving with any time.
@Killua // Ireland ^_^ - Positive person who Is always free to help someone and he's making pretty good pictures with his potato graphics :D 

@DJ Jefferz & @iHobbit - You both are pretty kind and positive. I  still remember that day when I decided to join Atlas VTC. It was a hard decision as I didn't know what's going on in big VTC's but you made me feel warm like at home and I want to say thanks for you both for that great time, which I spent while being Atlas member and staff.

@weezy - You're that person who was always kind to me, I really appreciate it and I'm happy to know such a good person who can motivate you ^_^

@[RLC CEO] John Marston & @[NL/GER] Levi - I'm happy to know you because I really enjoy being a part of RLC B)

There're other people I really respect and I think they do their job great, but I won't mention just everyone here as this post won't end :D 

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There are a few I would like to recommend

@Desmond_ My old VTC owner, lovely guy to drive with

@PsychicznyMajster One of the higher-ups in my current VTC, very nice GM and an even better driver.

@Kid Fabi I only just met him, but I love that guy, great sense of humour.

@weezy Really good driver, helped me a lot when I first joined the team and just a general great guy.

@TFM DJ ccowie Organised today's charity event, my first ever as CC, taught me a lot, helped me a lot

@[AHL] Aek177 Had a load of laughs with him (especially on that jump :P)

@EPS!LON Polish Power!

@M.J. Really helped me realise that helping out in events is something I wanna do!

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@Savage.  & @IethaI I have known them for a pretty long time now tbh and it's always fun driving w/ them and they're great friends that I met from my first VTC and they're always there if I ever wanna talk which is amazing :3

@Martin. WHAT DO YOU MEAN ;) Great admeeen to play with and always seems to make me laugh at the smallest things :3

@Bonnm My German friend, really great to drive with and talk with (whenever he does talk ;))

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Guest JackLad

I would say that @JackLad is a pretty nice guy. He’s helped out in a lot of situations.


Then there’s @Mirrland, who I believe will get Admeen one day because I have high hopes for him. @SgtBreadStick What to say about him? He’s just a guy that likes to annoy me when I make the smallest mistake while save edit. :   :  (Inside joke)


Everyone inside Prime Logistics are amazing same as ETR, sorry, TSR, wait got it wrong again... 


If I was to tag and write about everyone I’d be here for hours, but if you see this post, you know who you are and what you mean to me :D 


So just gotta say I love everyone in this community as we’re such a great group. 

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Guest Bonnm

I will recommend as first some people who aren't in the Team anymore:


You always had with @Penguin fun, he is a friendly guy and i really like him! Also i really miss him! :(  NOOT NOOT <3

@I<3VODKA was a really good project manager, he helped me a lot back when i joined the Team (1,5-2 years ago) Thank you really man! Hope you see this <3 

@HerrSwizz my german dude, sadly you aren't in the team anymore, no more 2x badmin power on the Server!

Also @Nataliia talked a lot with her in DM's, helpful and funny <3

@Rev. all what he did for me... AMAZING! <3 


Now to my Team mates:


First of all my 2 fav @IethaI and @Ali., always funny with them, you can talk with them, driving with them is fun, oh btw.... @Ali. Turk? :P <3

@Frosty. my little Discord Nitro Troll :troll:

@Keezome a really nice guy, he really deserved the promotion! 

@weezy aswell as keez, deserved his promotion, good luck mate! Also a really funny boooiiii :3


And a lot of other nice people, but my pizza is ready so maybe i will post you next time! :troll:







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Here are some names:


@Smoky_TMP because he's friendly and kind :).

@Keezome, well, also because he's friendly and it's relaxing to drive together :).

@Bonnm because he's a troll, just like me :troll:

@Nataliia best community moderation manager we've ever had :p

@Pillow_ fav community manager

@MHT_ Support team memories :3

@NeonLeon was very helpful when I was in the support team :3

@TFM DJ ccowie nice guy as well :3


I mentioned a project manager :run:

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It's hard to set words on it but my best friend and the one i would recommend the most would be @Gromm99[SWE/DK] As we have been close friends since who knows how long and we always joke around with each other. Easy said he is one of the nicest persons i have meet, and he is always there to help anyone.
Also comes @MikeOG I haven't talked with him to much but as to the expression i have he is a really nice and friendly person and i look forward to talking more with him in the future. 
Also comes @TeamDeer The same goes to him as MikeOG Haven't talked with him to much but my expression is that he is a really nice and friendly person.
Also we got @S.E.T AssassinGoEasy He is a really good friend and we joke around alot and have fun everytime we talk.
@Forz0214 I haven't been talking with him alot but he also sounds like a good friend that it would be nice to have more contact with.
@KrazyMudkip Is an old GM and i will never forget how i met him and i never regret it happening as it made sure that i got in contact with a lovely person with a lovely personallity.

I could have put alot more words on these people but their arent really any words to describe them.
There are alot more people to mention but then i could sit here for awhile and as it's a bit hard to put words on it.
Also i will for sure meet more in the future

Also i am not gonna say anything negative about someone as i always recommend people to focus on the positiv and not the negative.

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The people I would (not :troll:) recommend:


@Penguin The nicest Nooter, if you give him fish he will be your friend forever and will follow you :kappa:

@Bonnm Complains a lot :troll: One nice boi to talk to, sometimes you will want to hit his head with a wood stick, but still a nice boi.

@Moh_ One good boi to talk to, you can spend hours talking to him and you wont even notice what time is it. ❤

Same for @Frosty., you will think he is rude due being a admin, but he is just a nitro boi ❤

@Armonk The monkie, one of the guys you will think "I wont talk to him, he is rude", but inside he is just a little baboon ❤

@Anriandor The one that if were a Teddy Bear you would want to keep it with you forever.

@Lorena* I treated her like a daughter over years already, and would adopt her irl if possible. ❤

@ShawnCZek The old Redbull lover, do not get sick boi, lovely person to talk to. ❤

@_J-M Complains so much, hit him with a wood stick for me please. ❤ :troll: 

@Smoky_TMP This is a BIG TROLL ❤

@KhaosHammer and @Aestrial Both of them were my very first truly friends on team. We both got promoted together and the very first TGMs, had good times with both of them.

@weezy A good boi and good apprentice, learned a lot with the passing of days, and today is one of my greatest pride in Staff.

@ChrisPatrol a complainer :kappa:, we both complain about everything on Earth ❤ 

@GGF MD Gigi is like the person you could hug for days just to never see that guy upset. This is like a bubble made of love. ❤

There is lot of people who I could list here and say good things, but this would cost me lots of time which I don't have. :RIP:
I wont list the ones I don't recommend, since I like to think about the positive things and keep the negative under a grave, were they belong. :RIP:



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Guest Forz0214

Here are some legends, 


@CrackPrewier Really professional driver also a nice guy. When I first joined the team he helped me a lot. 

@[WTLVTC] ismail [TR] a really nice guy i've ever seen. Also he helped me a lot in the team. 

@Rasmus [SWE] a really supporter in the discord server to help others. I personally want to thank him, that was really appreciated. Also i've seen many times him on the road, it seems he is really a nice driver. 

@Frosty. my lovely troll badmin ❤

@Istanbullue nice guy :3 

@Asatelon a really nice person also i liked to drive with him. 

@GoknOz my best pharmacist :3 

@weezy a really kind person, now he's on the well deserved position. 

@David Edson my best supporter on the everything. A really nice guy, i really like to chat with him. Que taa! xD

@StickyEagle a really nice guy as well. 



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@GaymerJake Because he drives with me all the time and is my best friend who is always there if i need him. :)

@Welshboy346 Because he's fun to drive with and make me laugh when he gets annoyed lol. 

@Speedy_TMP Because he is great fun to drive with and an awesome GM.

@Nathan :eyes:




And many others to many to mention.

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@Madsmea is a nice guy, reasonable driver and an optimist. He streams TruckersMP after returning from work spending many hours reporting players for misconduct and having a laugh with friends. He's just started his own VTC which I'm lucky to be part of increasing in numbers over the past few months. 


I would recommend @Madsmea as an admin because he's loyal, dedicated to upholding the rules and has a lot of patience.


Should you require further information about this individual, please direct message me on the forums and I'll answer upon my next visit to the site.

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