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Here is some information/pictures about most of the lovely trucks in my fleet




Model: Scania S

Engine: DC16 107 730 Euro 6 V8 

Transmission: Opticruise GRSO 925R

Livery: Metallic Coral Blue


(aka my fav truck)





Model: Scania R

Engine: DC13 141 410 Euro 6

Transmission: Scania GA867

Livery: Viva Trucking 2018


(aka the budget truck)






Model: DAF XF Euro 6 Space Aero

Engine: MX-13 375 Euro 6 (510hp)

Transmission: ZF 12TX2611TO R

Livery: Burgundy Red (Previously Viva Trucking 2017)


Before the new livery:


Here is the DAF in the iconic Viva Livery, still looking good







Model: Renault Premium

Engine: 460 DXi Euro 5

Transmission: Allison 4500R

Livery: Viva Trucking 2017


(Withdrawn after hardly ever being used :troll:)

Also a shot of it with the old registration plate:








Model: Mercedes-Benz New Actros StreamSpace

Engine: OM 473 Euro VI (578hp)

Transmission: Powershift G330-12 R

Livery: Viva Trucking 2017 (Previously Silver)


Fun Fact:


This was one of the first trucks I drove when I joined TMP, you can see it here in its original Silver Livery, driving down C-D Road -





Well I hope you have enjoyed looking through my interesting collection, now time for me to get back driving ;)

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So, I'll try to give a history of my current profile:


Although my old profile had corrupted beyond repair, it was a hard lesson on modding and not taking the proper precautions, which has led me to focus on a 'multiplayer only' profile with all dlc installed so the following images are of trucks you'll be able to see me in in MP (providing you have the corresponding dlc as well).

I started off again with Mercedes and the earliest screenshot would be this:


Mercedes Actross *Insert forgotten designation here* :rolleyes:




Later on the truck had been modified up to a heavy hauling standard and a new paint scheme:



I believe the above Actros still had the 625bhp v8 engine in and was pretty decent carrying all the new heavy loads that had came into the game.

I then went and had it 'tuned' and repainted yet again, where the truck was used for a short time before retiring out of service and has been sitting in one of my personal garages ever since:




This final configuration had a power rating of 750bhp (we all know what's happened here) however out the exhaust pipes comes the thumping, beating heart of a V8 (old shape scania V8 to be more precise) and a little touch - the debadging of the doors.


The next truck was more of a test, through the same, errr.... "Tuning company", I present to you the 730BHP DAF 510:




A nice change up from the Merc for a 'jack of all trades' tractor unit, and a new paint scheme just in time for Christmas:




After retiring for a short while, I started afresh, and did a regular delivery up and down Denmark and made full use of the straight motorways on MP with zero traffic in a period of... umm not exactly following the speed limit:





No messing about with economy or comfort here, This Iveco Stralis Hi Way had (you guessed it) 750bhp and v8 sounds, however the truck was chosen as it was the lightest chassis of all the trucks in the game in any configuration at the time, plus the gearbox used was specially chosen (cant remember which make) as it had the correct gearing to reach the highest speeds. A rebellious paint scheme was applied to match the nature of the beast, with regular speeds of around 115mph pulling 18t cargoes.


*Up till now I can't remember the interior or other details exactly, so apologies for the lack of tech spec*


After yet another break, it was time to take it slow:


Man TGX 440, standard interior, 12spd gearbox with retarder.




This was a nice cheap option and something a bit different to go around hauling tankers with. The truck was also a J-Spec first for my fleet. Not much more to say here.

A long spell of trucking in the USA, and yet another break, i decided to come back home and explore what had changed, especially with the new Scania trucks! After a few test vehicles I had finally made a new flagship for my fleet of several custom trucks and the company of 160+ drivers, which helped pay for the new trailer as well:




Scania S730 (Current flagship), fully trimmed V8 Interior, 12 spd gearbox with retarder.


I love the design of this truck, especially the way it looks high tech and smooth and a more tolerable noise level when driving. I do sometimes miss hearing a decent V8 rumble like the old model though!


Again having recently purchased a g29 wheel, manual shifting with 12 gears didnt quite match up the the S730 so decided to go with a respectable R450 in J-Spec standard which I'm currently driving at the moment, needless to say the driving experience is a lot more enjoyable:




Well that about sums it up for now. Maybe I went over the top with this post maybe not and people enjoy reading/looking at these things? Who knows, but I always enjoy checking out other people's vehicle history and why they went with particular setups. This was a spur of the moment post so once again, apologies for the lack of exact specs and i'll try to add them in due course!

Hopefully the new MAN/RENAULT will come out sometime and i'll check up some of my older garages to see what else I had from days of old, with fresh pics for a part 2...

Thanks for reading!

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Wow, guys! A lot of beauty trucks! You are so creative! KEEP IT GOIN!:lol:

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Thank you to everyone for your input!


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