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High power cargo DLC

Guest Hlias_XD


Guest Hlias_XD


I have a problem with the high power cargo dlc. I cant find any jobs from the dlc. I bought it a long time ago and installed it, i have 6 dlc and they all work but this doesnt. Does anyone know why?

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I also recommend you to do (one or more of) following steps:

  • Teleport to service station (F7+Enter+1+Yes)
  • Sleeping at service station, hotel or garage
  • Switch between one or more garages

After that you should be able to drive cargo from the High Power Cargo DLC :)

Note: as @Trucking Gekco already said, you will not be able to drive Special Transport Cargo as it's not allowed from TMP.


Best regards,


Community Moderation Manager



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Hello @Saliagatis

If you reset the economy, the loads will be renewed.

it is that for economy reset,

1-)go to My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\profiles and find your profile - if you only have one profile it'll be the only one, otherwise you'll have to work out which one you want.

2-) Open the config.cfg in the profile folder in your text editor of choice (e.g. notepad).
3-)Look for the line uset g_force_economy_reset"0" - change the 0 to a 1 and save the file.
4-)Now start ETS2MP and load your profile. You should receive a message saying "game change detected", etc. Your economy will now have been reset.
5-)Lastly, exit again and change that 1 back to a 0 in your config.cfg, otherwise it'll reset every time you start the game.

Pleasant regards


Veteran Driver II




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Hello Dear @Saliagatis


Your topic has been inactive for 4 days since the last reply. Because of inactivity, i will have to move  this topic to Inactive Topics.

If you still have any questions about this ,feel free to DM me or our support team members, we  will open this again.

Thanks for all participation!

Thank you for your understanding!

//Locked and Moved to Inactive


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Kind Regards,

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Hello all

Due to further inactivity for 2 days, I will now be moving it to Unsolved.

Feel free to create a new topic in the future if you need any further help or contact the Support team directly - https://truckersmp.com/support/

//Locked  and Moved to Unsolved

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