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Galactic Warrior Enterprise | We Deliver your cargo worldwide!

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Galactic Warrior Enterprise was founded by Stevenaramos on November 16th, 2016, we serve North America & Europe & International. We currently have 10 Drivers and counting. The current Co-Owner of this company is CaptainSmoke. We are always Hiring and our parent of our company is Galactic Warrior Empire Nexus, they have provided us an  logo! We use both Virtual Truck Logs and Trucksbook for electronic load logging. We haul all loads both local and long distance that are up to and over 30,000+lbs (13,607+kg) [15+T]. The Company Manager is TBA. Our Subsidiary is Galactic Warrior Convoys and all convoys that we host will be there plus here is the site:  https://galacticwarriorconvoys.wordpress.com/



Human Resources - Responsible for Applications, Interviews, Convoys Planning , Events Planning and dealing with complaints that are on drivers.

Pilot - Responsible for helping out the Heavy Haul and Specialized Freight Divisions and Helping out with planning and unplanned Convoys.

Driving Examiner  - Responsible for Examining the Student Truck Drivers and Letting Human Resources know if they are ready to be promoted to Driver I.

Dispatch  - Uses a CAD system to keep track of drivers up to exact location.

Convoy Control - Works closely with HR and mainly is available on planned convoys and also is  automatically lent out to our subsidiary. 

Media Team - Responsible for Photos and Videos of the VTC.

Freight Divisions

General Freight - Responsible for doing various freight that don't require experience, automatically granted at Driver I.

Bulk Freight - Responsible for delivering freight in bulk quantities.

Specialized Freight - Responsible for delivering freight that requires experience.

Heavy Haul - Responsible for Delivering both Overweight and Over Dimensional Freight, may require assistance from a pilot.

Dry Van Freight - Responsible for delivering freight that requires a dry van.

Flatbed Freight - Responsible for delivering freight that requires a flatbed.

Tanker Freight - Responsible for delivering freight that requires a tanker.

Refrigerated Freight - Responsible for delivering freight that requires a reefer.

Hazmat Freight - Responsible for delivering Hazardous Materials, requires experience.





What We offer

We offer an toxic player free environment keeping toxicity down to a absolute minimal to none

Contact:  [email protected]

Application Requirements

  • Must Have No Bans/Punishments Older than 3-6 Months
  • Must Not Be Currently Present in another VTC

Apply at https://gwevtc.wordpress.com/

Past Events


Gift Giving Event - December 2017


Operation Big Sur - May 2018


Heavy Haul Division  at work  after Special Transport was released.

©2016 Galactic Warrior Enterprise®™ 2019 Galactic Warrior Empire Nexus

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