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This question is for the administrators of the game and community managers.


I just reported 6 person with their violent manuever on TMP. But only 1 report has accepted by LSPD Parrot. I am pretty confused if the 5 more reports are already rejected? Or just lined up for review? 


Thanks for the answer admins :)


P.S Photo is cropped for perpetrator's privacy. 




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You have to be patient - Depending on the amount of the reports in the system, your report may be handled from 1 hour(best case scenario) to at least a week. The amount of reports in the system is confidential information, which is only seen by staff members. 

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If you want to ask anywhere on forums whenever 32-bit version of MP will be supported in future, try to start GTA V on your 32-bit machine before checking game's system requirements.

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How to fix sudden steering issue on your USB steering wheel

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Hello, all reports will be checked and you'll get an answer. Just be patient and wait ;)

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Dear @MicroBinata_PH


Two great answers have been given

and i want to tell you that:

Our game moderators are not robots.they also have their own life and work,so they cannot be online 24 hours a day.

Thank you for your understanding


By confirmation,do you have any other problems?


Your confirmation of the status of your issue helps us keep the forum always organized


I await your return!

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