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Advertising boards in city's.


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I think this is an awesome idea since it gives more life to the world having ads for VTC's and not only VTC's but events for made by players normally that get a server, it would be awesome to see that.

Also if possible seeing mini videos in boards would be interesting too.


But all this should have limitations:

- Generaly all ads should change after a certain time.

- All ads should have HD visual and being aprooved by Staff.

- In very dense areas like calais port the ads that should be prioritized would be events made by players or other information, like rules, roads closed or something else that Staff thinks worthy.

- VTC's couldn't have more than 1 ad in one city and country.

- It shouldn't have a price tag or any other merch from VTC's and alike.


I don't agree having an option to disable the ads since it's not supposed to be everywhere only on highways and some cities or ports, it gives something to look at in traffic like in calais port, also I don't understand why people would stop playing bc of having boards with ads, do they stop driving in highways just because of a board? I think all ads should have an High Standard to be nice to look at.

Also it should not be limited to VTC's since that would be a waste of a good feature.

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I would not mind advertisements if they were managed internally and not provided to give gain to VTC's etc.


My thoughts is far and few advertisements and perhaps instead be for charity support, official events. 


I am mindful there would need to be a level of moderation to managing these if open to all to invest into that is extra work for the team.

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Although it seems a good idea at first glance there can be some problems like: Many people starting their own VTC can’t get a chance to grow when bigger VTCs use this. It wouldn’t be a really great experience. Also, there are already enough ways to advertise. Lastly I’m pretty sure low end PCs could struggle to handle these in-game ads.

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I like the idea however i wouldn't want to see these advertisements spammed everywhere as they could ruin the game.
I feel like this could also add more work to the staff team who are already really busy working on different events.

Personally I don't think this is needed as we already have places for advertising.


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