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Quality Express | The true trucker experience.

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To all the wonderful members of TruckersMP, I proudly present Quality Express VTC to you!


Quality Express was founded in August 2018 by Marius and DenQuaads. Our main focus is to give all our members the true trucker experience, and also give them the community of their life. Our community is caring, serious and dedicated, but we never forget to have fun. Since our launch we have been invited to various events across the TruckersMP community, and we are planning to attend more events in the future.

Our drivers are active and friendly, so you will make new friends for life in no-time joining the VTC, you will neither have any trouble finding anyone to drive with.


This is some of the things you can expect as a member of Quality Express:

-Our professional Convoy Crew will make sure our bi-weekly convoys goes smoothly.
-Drivers Hub and our own tracking system (in development for now)
-A dedicated staff team that will be there to assist you in any way.
-Active management, almost 24/7 support.
-Driver of the week announcements.
-A great friendly community.
-Professional colleagues.

-Prizes and giveaways.

-You should be able to communicate properly in English.
-You must have at least 50 hours in ETS2.
-You must be 15 years of age or more.

We are now searching new members from all around the globe to join the team.
Are you seeking the true trucker experience? Join the team today, you will not regret!
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/e6ZNCeK
Website: https://qualityexpressvtc.eu

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Marius, Founder of Quality Express

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It hasn't been long since I joined the community but they welcomed me with open arms. I tried to join many VTCs before Quality Express but always got rejected due to a ban in my record. Quality Express on the other hand, approached me differently. They didn't search for a regular driver but a family member. They cared for how I am as a person rather than how I am on a paper.

Quality Express is not just another VTC but a big family.


Plus we got a discord bot that makes dad jokes;)

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Hey yall,


i joined this wonderful VTC about a month ago now and i really don't regret it! Those guys welcomed me with opened arms too, told me everything i needed to know and reqruited me as a driver. I gave my best and then, suddenly, they even invited me into the staff! Besides that, they are one of the few realistic VTCs which reqruit people with a ban in their history (as an example me :D), because they believe into you. Its really great, from our nice staff (of which im part now) to our bots (it has jokes :D) everything is perfect!

I REALLY believe we're not just another boring VTC, but something kind of a family!


But the best part of joining is our joking bot :p

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Quality Express is still hiring!

We are still looking for more drivers all around the globe to join our family of truckers! We are also looking for members of our Convoy Crew to expand our operation of convoys.
Dont miss the opportunity, join us today!

Marius, Founder of Quality Express

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Hey there!

Once again, thanks for all the kind wishes and ¨good lucks¨. 

Christmas is getting closer minute by minute, and our members have an extra thing to be excited for this Christmas. We are giving away a DLC for a lucky member this Christmas, and we will keep on giving back to our loyal members from time to time. Make sure to join us today, and you could also win prizes!

As far as the new year, 2019, comes, we will expand our operations. We have a lot of cool stuff coming for our community, and to complete this we are seeking new motivated drivers and staff.

On behalf of the Quality Express team, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Marius, Founder of Quality Express

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Hello everyone 

I joined Quality Express joined just over 2 months ago, I was very hesitate to join as i felt scared to join a VTC. As soon as i joined the discord i was greeted to a warm welcome that made me feel welcomed. The amount of friendly and helpful staff means alot. I'm now very active in the VTC by attending Truck fests and Convoys, if you join won't be disappointed. Come join us. 

Thanks :)

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