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More bans

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Suggestion Name: More bans for breaking the rules.

Suggestion Description: There should be more and harder punishments for rule breaking actions. For example when you overtake in an overcrowded C-D are from the first time a ban and no longer kicks. The same goes for overtaking and then touching your vehicle should also be instant ban instead of a kick. It's time to enforce the rules more so the server gets cleaner again with drivers who actually like the game. C-D should be max speed of 120. For insulting also an instant ban. I'm sick of reporting people and then getting an 'it's only kickable offence' when they rammed you...

Any example images: No

Why should it be added?: To get more fun again in playing ETS2MP, not only on C-D or other crowded areas but everywhere. Because sometimes when you drive in calm areas they even ram you for fun because they think you don't record them. The overtaking, beacon, insulting, ramming rules get broken everyday for no reasons at all. Some admins are protecting the rule breakers too much...

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This is not something we are going to 'add'. We ban once a person has broken a certain rule, but we certainly won't ban for longer when someone has broken a simple rule. Our Game Moderators can decide the length for themselves.


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