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Can V8 sounds be allowed please?

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Suggestion Name: Scania V8 sound (local mod)

Suggestion Description: Allow V8 sound mod for local for those few who would choose that over the default engine sounds of ets2 sounds. Though I use a plugin sound thing for supposed "V8 sound" I'm starting a bit to get tired of it but I still choose it over default sounds. I would much rather have more a feel/sound of an actual V8 engine sound on my scania.

Any example images: No images or video. But the files from this mod could be able to work if something was done to allow them. OBS: Focus only on the files in the "mod1" folder. http://www.ets2world.com/hilalimsin-save-file-v2-v8-engine-multiplayer-1-32-x-mod/

Why should it be added?: It should be added/allowed for those who has grown tired of the default sounds and really want something NEW to listen to when playing online. I love singleplayer don't get me wrong but it would just be more perfect that it would be allowed on multiplayer so we can enjoy it while playing together with friends or just make the time being on the servers a lot more enjoyable for each individual person who choose to get the sounds for their V8 trucks.

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