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A test for car

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Suggestion Name : A test for car 


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Hello good night,

I would like to talk about something that I think is important: the Skoda. Indeed, the car is a point quite criticized, why ? For the simple reason that 3/4 of the players use it very badly. So good, receive criticism while you handle the car well unlike a lot of people, it's not cool.

I went to the heart of the subject : a test and a code to pass to be able to drive a car. According to me, it would be very nice to add a test (or some kind of license) to limit idiots by car.

Sorry if this idea may seem far-fetched and unacceptable.



Any example images:  X


Why should it be added ? :

To reduce the number of idiots by car

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The car should be available for everyone as it would be quite unfair if we restrict bad drivers from using them. If you ever come across one of the bad drivers, please just report them like everyone else does.



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