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Suggestion Name: Vinci autoroute

Suggestion Description: Hello, I have a very interesting project to propose to you, I explain myself.
My friend and me play since two years on TruckersMP, and we have an idea it's to recreate Vinci autoroute in TruckersMP.
Our idea was that we will fully organize Vinci Autoroute.
We already have a texture of the Skoda Superb in the Vinci Autoroute version fully realized by us. We also prepare a server discord especially for our idea (I put you the link if you want to come talk with me and my friend) the link: 
Vinci Autoroute in TruckersMP would be used to: escort big convoys, make traffic in cities where is a lot of player (such as Calais, Paris and many others), we can report users who do not respect the rules, take care of the traffic after an accident, and much more.
Of course we are very motivated to make this project. Organization:
For the organization we can manage everything that is: recruitment, manage the team, etc.
We hope to get an answer from you very soon, if you ever have any questions or anything about our idea come on my discord: https://discord.gg/8TRshEF We also hope to have convinced you. Have a very good evening or day.

Sincerely VetacosTransport and Florentin.


Any example images: logo:  Logo_Vinci_Autoroutes.png.e7c084d5682afc0d6d942e0dd2bcc1e7.png   20181022161423_1.thumb.jpg.80744d217c9444bfbfed2a49fc0b96dc.jpg

Why should it be added?: I don't want to put that on all servers but only on the servers : Europe 2. With that we can make traffic circulation in the city where is a lot of players, make circulation after an accident, escort convoy and more ! This is the link look what is Vinci  Autoroute :https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vinci_Autoroutes

I hope you will answer me quickly, So have a good day or evening

Sorry but my english is very not perfect...

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