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¿The New Recruitment System?

[TP-OTTO] Truckero Games



    I just read all the information about the new recruiting system. I would like you to solve me some doubts that I have in my head. 

You say that as a minimum requirement to be able to apply to Truckersmp Team it will only admit a minimum of 3 Bans, ¿What would happen if I have 4 bans of 2015 and 1 Banning by mistake that was appealed 2 times on Jan 23-2018?. I love to be a Moderator game reporting people that don´t follow rules, And that´s why I want to apply the next recruitment, But I have that doubt!. That would prevent me from applying for the recruitment? and if so! ¿Would I have to create a new Truckersmp account to apply without 0 bans?.



Thank you, for taking the time to answer my question, I appreciate it.


By Truckeroツ

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Hello Kevin,


I have taken a look at your account and noticed that you have more than 3 bans. This will automatically restrict you from applying. 

We do not make any exceptions when someone has more than 3 bans. The system will not let you apply if you have more than 3 bans.


Creating a new account which has no bans, just to apply for a position in our team is not allowed. 


I hope this helped you to answer/solve your questions/doubts. If you have any more questions, feel free to post them here.

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Problem solved + Best answer marked. Thanks to everyone.


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