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Krone DLC Treasure Hunt

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So since many people can't afford the Krone DLC or dont want to spend the money on it I figured id giveaway 10 copies of it (steam gift).
But there has to be a bit of a game involved to get them, makes it more fun :P


What do I have to do to win?

Well, you got to get a picture with one of the Bring Logistics drivers. (Make sure you get one with the driver's name as well)

You can only win 1 copy per person. Reusing the same picture is not allowed.


What if I'm in Bring Logistics and want to enter?

Then you have to make a creative picture with our company truck using visual effects. (Photoshop and such programs)


What do we look like?




We will also have a tag in our name that says "Bring Logistics"


This makes the giveaway both enterable for our VTC members and people who are not in our VTC.


For the non-Bring Logistics members, this is kind of like a treasure hunt.

And for the Bring Logistics Driver's this is all about creativity.



If you already have the Krone DLC you can get a paint job DLC of your choice instead.


Good luck and have fun! :D 

Remaining copies:


(Make sure you link your steam profile so that I can send you the steam gift)

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6 minutes ago, Musicaholicz said:

wow nice idea! but i have allready the dlc :P i wish luck an search :)

Thank you :DI think I will be doing more of these since who doesnt like treasure hunting!

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