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[ARCHIVED] [FORUM] How to Update your Display Name on the Forums


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You want to update your name on the Forums or you've updated your username on https://truckersmp.com/ however you have logged out and and back into your Forum account and you Display Name hasn't changed.  This guide will show you how to update your username on the Forums.  


Steps to Changing your Display Name on the Forums


1) Log into the Forums by navigating to the top right of your web-page and clicking on "Existing user? Sign In"




2) Click "Sign In via TruckersMP"




3) Enter your email which you use for your TruckersMP.com account and enter your password and then Login




4) You should then be redirected to the Forums and see your are logged in, at the top right of the Forum




5) Click on the drop down arrow by you username and then click on "Account Settings" which will be under the 'Settings' section




6) Under the Overview tab you should see a field called 'Display Name', you can click "Change" and enter a new 'Display Name' and then save.




7) Your Display Name on the Forums should then update on all posts you have made.




If you have any questions then please reply below and I will do my best to help you :wub:

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